Xi’an Highlights

A few of our highlights in Xi’an

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Boarding the High Speed Train to Xi’an – Beijing
Chinese Calligraphy lessons with a local at our hostel – Xi’an
Chinese Dumplings lessons at our hostel – Xi’an
Soldiers patrolling the city wall – Xi’an
Someone being an idiot in front of the statues in the garden of the Small Goose Pagoda – Xi’an
Bell Tower at night 1 – Xi’an
Bell Tower at night 2 – Xi’an
The Muslim quarter (aka tat market with good food) – Xi’an
Photos 1-4 – Terra Cotta Army – Xi’an
Drum Tower at night – Xi’an
Craig in front of the Bell Tower at night – Xi’an
View of busy traffic/light pollution from Bell Tower – Xi’an
Table Tennis lessons from a Chinese Pro – Xi’an
In front of the water fountain display – Big Goose Pagoda – Xi’an
View from Mt Hua – Xi’an
Golden Lock Pass – Mt Hua – Xi’an
Small Goose Pagoda – Xi’an
View from Xian city walls – Xi’an

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