trainticketsWe can now get from Germany to Russia & from Russia to China! Our tickets arrived early this morning, special delivery 7 days earlier than expected. Once again Real Russia have impressed us.

It’s a while still until we need to use these tickets (almost 2 months), but it’s good to know we have everything booked and ready as we only have one day back in the UK (17/03/13) after Ascension Island.

There’s a single ticket that covers both of us for the Germany to Russia leg, which we can just about understand from German lessons at school, and a small ticket-sized folder each containing various bits of paper with Cyrillic writing (there’s a very useful “How to
read a Russian Train Ticket
” link within our final itinerary PDF).

It seems we’ve mentioned Real Russia quite a few times!  We’re not sponsored by them or paid to advertise, it’s just difficult not to as they’ve been a huge help with tickets and visas to get us from Germany to China.  We are also not used to receiving such good service.

25 days to go!

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