The Plan

The original backpacking through Asia idea is still there, but after watching too many travelling programs we have added a few bits!

Here’s the rough plan:

  1. Ascension Island (2 weeks).  Update: Fly out 27/02/13 @ 2300, land on Ascension 28/02/12, fly back out to UK @ 2200 15/03/13, land in Brize Norton 16/03/13.
  2. Trans-Siberian / Trans-Mongolian – we’ll be taking the train from Leamington Spa for this trip, so will stop off in France and Germany for a few days and will pass through Belarus and Poland followed by a few days in Russia before boarding the train.
  3. China – Beijing, the Great Wall
  4. Thailand
  5. Cambodia – Angkor Wat
  6. Malaysia
  7. Indonesia – Bali, beaches, Komodo Island
  8. USA – New York City

There are a few popular tourist attractions that we both want to see such as The Great Wall and Angkor Wat, but for the most part we’ll be taking it as it comes!

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