th_IMG_4232We arrived in Thailand on 27/04/13 after the airline messing up our flight.  Upon booking our tickets we were told that we didn’t need flight details, just our passport as it’s all electronic and they would be able to look it up.

When we arrived, after standing in the check-in line for an hour, they couldn’t find us anywhere on the system.  At this point it was only an hour until the flight departed.

th_IMG_4226The information desk then sent us to check in desk K in the other terminal who sent us to H who sent us back to a different K desk.  After trying to explain to the guy at the desk that the flight leaves in 30 minutes to get him to work a bit quicker he eventually printed our tickets.  What a relief. We then had to run to the late check in area. Once passed security the flight was then delayed by 2 hours!

th_padthai8 hours on an airport floor at Kunming and an hour in a tiny tropical-like airport in Banna later and we were in Bangkok!

After spending a night near the airport in Bangkok we headed straight for the famous Khaosan Road and filled up on Pad Thai!

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