Today Craig and I went to the 911 Siem Reap Shooting Range. Formerly a place where you could shoot just about any weapon you like. I’ll explain why soon.

It’s located just outside of the Siem Reap City Centre and is well worth the Tuk-Tuk trip out there just for the ride through rural Cambodia. It took us about 40 minutes to pass through Angkor Wat (our Tuk-Tuk driver explained to the National Park guard that we were only passing through – it usually costs $20 to enter), rice paddies and local villages where wooden huts were up on stilts. The road soon turned into a recently gravelled mud track. We nearly tipped over in the Tuk-Tuk twice from the pot holes, but its all part of the experience isn’t it!?

IMG_6293 IMG_6303

We eventually arrived to a small area just next to a military training ground. Inside were 2 or 3 dodgy looking target rooms, with a long range area outside and a larger room housing a selection of guns. I’m not a gun expert but I recognised M16s, AK47s and the odd RPG. There were other bigger machine guns as well, no idea what they were though. They looked like they’d cost a lot to fire.


We decided to get the M16 and 30 rounds.


Shooting a gun is something every man should do! It was amazing and a huge adrenalin rush when set to automatic! It was all over way too soon.

IMG_6326 IMG_6321

We actually went to shoot hand guns, a 9mm, a revolver or similar, but we were told that a Russian guy had committed suicide at the range we were at and that they had to get rid of them. A shame that one guy had to ruin it for everyone as there’s now a very limited selection of guns available.


The Cambodian government seems to look down on this sort of place unfortunately and have shut 3 down in Siem Reap over the last few years we’ve been told.

So get out there while you can, it’s basic, dangerous and raw shooting. Something I’ll remember forever and extremely good fun!

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