Ascension Island Confirmed

Today (05/12/13) we received confirmation of our flights to Ascension; they were also kind enough to take £1938 for the tickets… It’s an expensive place to go, but it’s somewhere different, where the average traveller hasn’t been.

We fly on the 27th February. Take off is under the cover of dark at 11pm, maybe it’s a military thing. We are flying with the MoD after all.

We still need to organise day to day money, we think around £6-700 should be fine. This will include petrol money for the pickup truck, renting the cottage and food/drink.

Before we think about setting foot on the island we’ve had to make sure we have repatriation travel insurance in case of air travel evacuation. Not only is Ascension Island home to the RAF, but it’s a rocket tracking station for the US, and provides 1 of 5 GPS systems for everyone around the world, anything could happen!

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