Ascension Flight Ticket

ascensionsheadWe received our ‘tickets’ from AITA (Ascension Island Travel Agency) yesterday – a Word document with an MoD booking reference and a list of reporting instructions, baggage allowances and all the usual stuff.  We’ve had it booked since August as there are only 10 civilian seats per flight and as promised they sent us everything a week before travel.  Details of the flight are here:

We will be at Brize Norton at around 7pm.  The latest check-in is 3 hours before the flight (8pm) and it’s recommended we get there earlier to avoid waiting/queuing.

We will be staying in Garden Cottage, which was recently inaccessible due to a storm destroying the road, 2300 feet up Green Mountain as shown here:, about a 20 minute drive from Georgetown and 10 minutes from Two-Boats village.  Not bad for £280 each for the two weeks (check out the view -  We also asked to hire the cheapest vehicle possible for our stay which happens to be a pick up truck for £15 per day.

Obsidian have been very helpful with booking our place to stay and hire car.  A big thank you to them.

The internet isn’t great on the island, so our next Ascension update will probably be in 3 weeks time when we’ll have much more detail.

6 days to go!

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